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    Qian Haijun: Role Model of the Times
    Source: Ningbo Daily  | 2022-05-13 08:51:54

    Qian Haijun volunteers for electric power service in Guizhou. [Photo by Xu Zhanxin]

    By Dong Na

    Qian Haijun, 52, is an electrician for State Grid in the city of Cixi. Since 1999, he has volunteered a total of 25,000 hours of power maintenance services and has paired up to help more than 100 elderly in need. At the same time, he has inspired more than 1,200 people around him to carry out voluntary services and public charity actions, benefiting tens of thousands of people. Recently, the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee promoted Qian to the whole society and awarded him the title of "Role Model of the Times".

    Always Respond Quickly

    to Requests

    "If you have difficulties with power, please look for Qian Haijun." This is what many residents in Cixi often say. Qian Haijun is responsible for the electricity service of nearly 60,000 households, and over the years, he has not received any complaints, reaching the satisfaction level of nearly 100%.

    In 1999, Qian first came into contact with and joined a neighborhood committee volunteer organization. After that, he used his spare time to provide free repair services to the public.

    At work, Qian is always able to troubleshoot problems quickly, from equipment rescue in typhoon weather to the emergency handling of daily accidents. When new colleagues encounter technical difficulties, they often ask him for advice.

    In order to better help the elderly in the community, he has taught himself the skills of repairing common household appliances, such as induction cookers, washing machines, and electric rice cookers in addition to his profession. Gradually, he became a "jack-of-all-trades electrician" in the eyes of everyone.

    "You just call Qian, and he will respond to your requests. We are very touched!" Qiu Xiaoliang, Secretary of the Jinshan Community Party Branch in Hushan Street, Cixi, said.

    Becoming a 'Caring

    Person' for the Elderly

    In the course of volunteering, Qian found that many elderly people living alone were unable to secure safe electricity, and had difficulties in day-to-day activities. Qian wrote his name and mobile phone number on cards and handed them out to the elderly in need. For 23 years, his mobile phone has been on 24/7, and he has never changed his number, always doing his best to help the elderly solve their problems.

    "Over the years, I have always been very grateful to him," said Chen Wenpin, a retired teacher who lives in the Shuyuan Community of Gutang Street.

    Qian Haijun regularly helps Chen Wenpin to check the electrical appliances and wiring at home and chat with him; during holidays, Qian and his wife often visit him with gifts. On one occasion, when Chen Wenpin relapsed, Qian drove 80 kilometres to take him to the doctor.

    "The elderly living alone lack companionship and are especially eager for spiritual comfort and need more care."On weekends, as long as he is not busy, Qian will find time to visit the elderly, helping them with floor-sweeping, nail-cutting, and dish-cleaning.

    "In fact, what I do are all trivial. As long as I can help others, I'm happy," Qian said.

    Encouraging More

    People into Volunteering

    "Haijun is a role model for us to follow and we support him," his wife and daughter said.

    The Communist Service Team and Volunteer Service Centre named after Qian Haijun has now a network of more than 1,200 volunteers.

    In 2015, when visiting poor households with disabled people, Qian found that many families had safety hazards such as aging electricity lines and exposed wires. Thanks to his proposal, the State Grid in the city of Cixi launched the "Thousands of Lights for Thousands of Households" lighting line renovation project for underprivileged and disabled households, providing a safe and stable electricity environment for more than 1,800 such households in Cixi.

    During the past seven years, the project has gradually moved out of Ningbo, traveling more than 200,000 kilometers to renovate lines and bring light to 6,047 households in Xizang, Jilin, Guizhou, and Sichuan, benefiting more than 60,000 people.

    By now, Qian's team has carried out volunteer services for more than 30,000 times, with over 213,000 man-hours of service, benefiting tens of thousands of people.

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